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Five: Tumblr Blogs I Love

The fact that I’m on tumblr as a fangirl is an open secret. I’m not planning to hand out my username, since it’s the one I’ve been using in fandom for about thirteen years, but I’m there, and I’ve been there for a while, and I’m probably not going to leave until fandom picks up and moves someplace better for us.

But fandom has been increasingly disappointing as of late. As a result, I’ve been following more art and artsy porn blogs. Art, archaeology, and naked guys. I’m not a very surprising person.


Not safe for work and exactly what it says on the tin: scruffy hot dudes. I am pretty sure I’ve been following this blog most of the time I’ve been on tumblr. Be warned that there is often explicit gay porn. But that just adds to the charm of the blog.


The only thing I like better than naked guys is wet naked guys and this is an entire blog dedicated to men in the bathtub or shower. I used a lot of exclamation points when I emailed the link to this blog to a friend. Every now and then, I’ll come across something that feels like it was created just for me. This is one of those things.


Another blog I’ve been following basically since I got a tumblr, this one posts daily updates from archaeology academia. It’s wonderful. The links lead to the official publications and it’s so, so easy to keep up with what’s going on in the field I have my degree in.


An art/artifact blog complete with history of the item. I don’t think they discuss anything younger than 1850. Visiting this blog is like virtually visiting a museum. It’s wonderful.


If I remember correctly, this blog is run by someone who works in the Louvre and posts one picture of one artifact each day. It’s been a few weeks since the last post, but it’s still worth checking out. This is such an interesting way to blog about museum pieces.

Honorable mentions: MOMA, the Getty, and the Brooklyn Museum all have tumblr blogs. Romy7 is a personal blog by a guy with wonderful taste who is responsible for my favorite gifset on tumblr.

Sites I Love: Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History


Two of my favorite things are art and archaeology. That’s why museums are so great: I can get both at the same time. That’s why the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History is so great.

Sneak Peek: Cass Gets Her Kicks

Cass Reed nursed a stale beer as she picked at her paper-lined basket of cold steak fingers and soggy French fries. Cigarette smoke stung her eyes and twangy country music assailed her ears. Behind her, rough-looking men and women shouted at each other to be heard over the incessant clack of pool balls smacking together. It was the end of her first day traveling Route 66.

Illinois and Missouri had been a whole lot of nothing. The ride was bumpy, the low speed limits made her long for the Interstate, driving with the windows down had given her a headache, and Janis had called every hour to check up on her, as if she wasn’t thirty-three and capable of taking care of herself. Toledo felt a million miles away. Cass’s shoulders sagged and her vision blurred. If anyone had asked, she would have said it was the cigarette smoke making her eyes water. Loneliness was like a maw in her gut. Exhaustion buzzed in her head.

She should have flown to Los Angeles like a sane person. If she hadn’t already been two days into her road trip, she might have turned around. But she was in Kansas, and her new job started in two weeks, and going back home–no, not home, not anymore–would have felt like failure. Cass rubbed at her eyes with the heels of her palms. She wasn’t willing to give Nicholas or Michelle the satisfaction. She would press on. They would never know how angry she was. They would never know how much his betrayal hurt. She had worked hard to maintain her dignity all through the divorce, but in the end, she was the one running away. She couldn’t go back.

After a deep breath, she raised her head. Maybe it was time to just go back to the motel, try to get some sleep.

Movement in her peripheral vision made her look, and what she saw shoved the divorce and the bad day right out of her mind.

He was tall and lanky, dressed in a dark t-shirt and snug blue jeans, and he leaned against a wooden support column at the edge of the dance floor. His crew cut was in need of a trim, but the hard line of his jaw and his full lips made up for it. Cass met his eyes. His lips twisted into a smirk and he pushed away from the column. It took her muddled brain several seconds to realize that he was swaggering straight toward her.

Cass dropped her gaze back to her food as a shiver went up her spine. ‘What the hell?’


Read the rest: Cass Gets Her Kicks for sale at Smashwords.

Things To Remember, pt. 4

64. Your bedroom should be comfortable.

Paint the walls your favorite color. Hang art that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Make the bedding exactly what you want. When you walk through your bedroom door, you should feel at peace.

69. Breathe.

Do it now. Take one big deep breath. Set reminders to yourself to do this throughout the day, it really helps.

76. Be reasonable.

Have reasonable expectations of yourself and others. Especially yourself. Unreasonable expectations are a great way to cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

78. Assume everyone is doing their best.

It can be easy to assume that people are “out to get you.” They’re not. They’re not even thinking about you, too wrapped up in their own paranoia. What they are is doing their best. Everyone’s best is different.

80. You will be all right.

No matter how bleak things look, no matter how bad it all gets, it can change. No matter how lousy you feel right now, you will feel better. Take some baby steps. You’ll get to where you want to be.