Things To Remember, pt. 4

64. Your bedroom should be comfortable.

Paint the walls your favorite color. Hang art that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Make the bedding exactly what you want. When you walk through your bedroom door, you should feel at peace.

69. Breathe.

Do it now. Take one big deep breath. Set reminders to yourself to do this throughout the day, it really helps.

76. Be reasonable.

Have reasonable expectations of yourself and others. Especially yourself. Unreasonable expectations are a great way to cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

78. Assume everyone is doing their best.

It can be easy to assume that people are “out to get you.” They’re not. They’re not even thinking about you, too wrapped up in their own paranoia. What they are is doing their best. Everyone’s best is different.

80. You will be all right.

No matter how bleak things look, no matter how bad it all gets, it can change. No matter how lousy you feel right now, you will feel better. Take some baby steps. You’ll get to where you want to be.

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