Things To Remember: Writer pt. 1

1. Write.

If you’re a writer, you actually have to write. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing original poetry or prose, journaling, writing fic, blogging, or just writing Facebook posts. You just have to write.

2. Keep writing.

And you have to keep writing. There will be times when you go a long, long time without writing. That’s all right. It happens. Make sure you start back up again and keep writing.

3. Make writing a habit.

Do it every day. Or every other day. Or once a week. Whenever you do it, make a habit of it. Once something’s a habit, it’s a lot easier to do it without thinking about it too much.

4. Make writing a priority.

We’ve all got other things to do. Work, school, families. But making writing a priority fits it in with those things. Make it important to you. Make sure the people around you know that it’s important.

5. Believe that you are a writer.

When someone asks, say you’re a writer. Believe that you are. Believe in yourself. It’s a lot easier to do what you want when you believe that you can, that you’re suited to it, capable of it.

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