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Things to Remember: Writer pt. 2

6. Find tools you love.

Pen and paper? MS Word? Yarny? Blog post editors? Whatever the tool, find one(s) you love and use them. Personally, I’m a fan of Yarny and, when things are very bad, ZenWriter. I do all my editing in OpenOffice (including formatting for books, and I even turned a series of blog posts into an ebook on the subject). And I do a lot of plotting/note-taking/reminders-to-self in notebooks and pretty journals.

7. Take notes.

See something funny or thought-provoking or inspirational? Write it down. Hear a piece of dialogue? Write it down. Want to remember a sight to describe later? Well, there’s probably a camera on your phone–snap that picture. The notes you take will become something whole.

8. Find inspiration.

Chase it down and sit on it if you have to. Words, sights, smells, sounds, feels–whatever it takes. Figure out what inspires you and keep those things close. Use them. Revel in them. Wallow in all the inspiration you possibly can.

9. Get to work.

Take those tools, those notes, and that inspiration, and get to work. Smash it together until you’re telling the honest story, the story begging to be told, the story only you can tell. If it’s not working, take it apart and reassemble it. Keep putting it together until it works. Keep going until you’ve finished, until you’ve done your best.

10. Don’t worry.

And don’t worry about what people will think of the work or you. Don’t worry about anything except the story you have to tell, and even then, let it tell itself, don’t worry about making it reveal its truth.

You can do this.

Five: Romance Authors I Love

1. Mary Balogh

I read Mary Balogh for the wit and humor. I mean, originally I picked up the first book because it had all the right words on the back cover, but I consistently return to her because she’s insanely talented and her heroes and heroines are hilariously clever. The smut sure doesn’t hurt, either.

2. Georgina Gentry

I know what the book and goodreads reviews say, and I don’t care. Any author who uses “virile” immediately gets a chance and Ms. Gentry writes romance novels as they were meant to be read. Even her covers are perfect!

3. Lorelei James

Again with the virile cowboys. I know, I know, I’m predictable. What can I say? I know what I like. I like that there’s a little more smut than romance in her work, but that the romance is definitely there. I like the realism of the cowboy life, too, and how flawed and complex her characters can be.

4. Delilah Devlin

My go-to author for pure, hot, filthy smut. If her stories were porn movies, I’d wipe my Internet history when I was done. That’s what’s so great about books. (Well, and being a girl.) No one can really tell what you’re reading unless they’re familiar with her work… and if you’re reading on a Kindle, no one can tell at all.

5. Diane Whiteside

Texas vampires, you guys. Cowboy vampires in Texas. A couple of friends got me The Hunter’s Prey many years ago, and I’ve been hooked since. Yes, I have a thing about vampires. It’s a holdover from my teens. The older I get, the sexier the vampires get.

Sites I Love:

750words.jpg is an online version of morning pages and it’s wonderful. I believe the site has transitioned to a pay service since I first signed up several years ago, but the cost is minimal and well worth it.

Day In

The bath steams, the scent of rosewater rising through the bubbles, into the sticky humid air. Outside, it’s cold and gray. This is perfect, she thinks, tipping her head back against the tile, the rolled-up towel cradling her neck. She closes her eyes and breathes in deeply. Perfect.

A soft rush of cooler air moves through the room, and there’s the sound of bare feet on tile. She blinks and looks, and he’s there, two hot mugs in one hand and a well-worn copy of her favorite novel in the other.

She smiles.

He smiles back. “Are you ready?”


Five: Smutty Books

I know this will come as a surprise, but I love smutty books. I’m very much a fan of collections of short stories. I have quite a few of them on my bookshelves. The ones I keep I re-read often, more often than I buy new books–and like any book-lover, I buy too many new books that remain unread for far too long because I’ve got my nose buried in an old favorite.

1. Doing It For Daddy edited by Pat Califia

Pat Califia‘s work had a formative influence on my understanding of sex and sexuality and on my literary kinks. I read Doing it for Daddy in the library the first time when I was seventeen? Maybe eighteen? It has stuck with me for thirteen years now. I finally bought my own copy earlier this year and it’s easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There are some kinks you just don’t talk about in regular company. This is a kink I don’t even talk about in fandom. But, oh, it’s so, so good.

2. Breathless by Bonnie Edwards

The thing about anthologies is that you’re not committed to just one story. Sometimes the stories aren’t your thing and you can skip right over them, sometimes the stories stick with you. Breathless has two that stuck with me–the titular one and Body by Gibson–and one in particular I return to often–Body by Gibson. Art and smut, what else could I ask for? Well, my other weakness: stories about women finding the confidence to ask for what they want… and getting it.

3. Texas Men by Delilah Devlin

Delilah Devlin is incapable of writing anything that isn’t super smokin’ set-your-cunt-on-fire hot. Seriously. This one’s got the best of everything: cowboys, light bondage, double penetration, a threesome, serious kink including more serious bondage, and the self-conscious and unsure heroine who gets hers from the self-assured and giving hero.

4. Real Men Last All Night by Lora Leigh, Lori Foster, Cheyenne McCray, and Heidi Betts

Most of the time when I pick this book off the shelf, it’s just to read the second story, Luring Lucy. The rest of the stories in this anthology are by no means terrible in any way, and Cooper’s Fall is definitely my second favorite, but Luring Lucy is my favorite. Our hero is dreamy in that one.

5. Three’s Company by Lorelei James, Jess Dee, and Jayne Rylon

You know what’s really great in fiction? Threesomes. Specifically, male-female-male threesomes. This book is three stories all about the best kind of threesome. (Men will tell you the mfm is the Devil’s Threesome and they are lying liars who lie. The only thing better than one hot guy is more than one hot guy.) My favorite of the three is probably A Question of Trust. I love it so much I have a shameless fanfiction version drafted and ready to be finished, I just haven’t felt sufficiently prepared to deal with the characters’ utter filth yet. It’s a perfect story.