Five: Romance Authors I Love

1. Mary Balogh

I read Mary Balogh for the wit and humor. I mean, originally I picked up the first book because it had all the right words on the back cover, but I consistently return to her because she’s insanely talented and her heroes and heroines are hilariously clever. The smut sure doesn’t hurt, either.

2. Georgina Gentry

I know what the book and goodreads reviews say, and I don’t care. Any author who uses “virile” immediately gets a chance and Ms. Gentry writes romance novels as they were meant to be read. Even her covers are perfect!

3. Lorelei James

Again with the virile cowboys. I know, I know, I’m predictable. What can I say? I know what I like. I like that there’s a little more smut than romance in her work, but that the romance is definitely there. I like the realism of the cowboy life, too, and how flawed and complex her characters can be.

4. Delilah Devlin

My go-to author for pure, hot, filthy smut. If her stories were porn movies, I’d wipe my Internet history when I was done. That’s what’s so great about books. (Well, and being a girl.) No one can really tell what you’re reading unless they’re familiar with her work… and if you’re reading on a Kindle, no one can tell at all.

5. Diane Whiteside

Texas vampires, you guys. Cowboy vampires in Texas. A couple of friends got me The Hunter’s Prey many years ago, and I’ve been hooked since. Yes, I have a thing about vampires. It’s a holdover from my teens. The older I get, the sexier the vampires get.

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