Things to Remember: Writer pt. 2

6. Find tools you love.

Pen and paper? MS Word? Yarny? Blog post editors? Whatever the tool, find one(s) you love and use them. Personally, I’m a fan of Yarny and, when things are very bad, ZenWriter. I do all my editing in OpenOffice (including formatting for books, and I even turned a series of blog posts into an ebook on the subject). And I do a lot of plotting/note-taking/reminders-to-self in notebooks and pretty journals.

7. Take notes.

See something funny or thought-provoking or inspirational? Write it down. Hear a piece of dialogue? Write it down. Want to remember a sight to describe later? Well, there’s probably a camera on your phone–snap that picture. The notes you take will become something whole.

8. Find inspiration.

Chase it down and sit on it if you have to. Words, sights, smells, sounds, feels–whatever it takes. Figure out what inspires you and keep those things close. Use them. Revel in them. Wallow in all the inspiration you possibly can.

9. Get to work.

Take those tools, those notes, and that inspiration, and get to work. Smash it together until you’re telling the honest story, the story begging to be told, the story only you can tell. If it’s not working, take it apart and reassemble it. Keep putting it together until it works. Keep going until you’ve finished, until you’ve done your best.

10. Don’t worry.

And don’t worry about what people will think of the work or you. Don’t worry about anything except the story you have to tell, and even then, let it tell itself, don’t worry about making it reveal its truth.

You can do this.

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