Five: Eye Candy

One of my very favorite things in the world is naked men. I used to be better about hiding this about myself, but that was a very, very long time ago, so now everyone who knows me knows that one of my blogs is a dick blog.

Yes, I have a blog specifically for pictures of penises.

I’m only linking today just in case you’re reading at work, but definitely click the links when you can. I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

1. Serge Henir

A Russian body builder/fitness model, you will also be able to find him credited as Sergei Mironov. He has posed for Sasha Kosmos and Serge Lee, and he’s also done a couple of dirty videos–one of which looks like it was filmed by his webcam in his bedroom, so. Enjoy that. I know I did.

2.  Alex Minsky

You may already be familiar with Minsky. He’s the former Marine missing a leg who has worked with Michael Stokes and even posed for promo shots for the Hunger Games movies. He’s also just as adorable as anything and you should follow him on Facebook because even when his clothes are on he’s so cute.

3. BT Urruela

Also a wounded vet, also worked with Michael Stokes. He’s an author, too, and a volunteer, and he looks good in a kilt. I think his smile just might be the prettiest thing about him, though. I follow him on Facebook, too, and his posts are always interesting.

4. Tayte Hanson

His dick is adorable. The rest of him is pretty cute, too. He’s done work for Cockyboys–and if you’re even a little bit into guy-on-guy (and frankly, most of the women I know are because the only thing better than watching one hot guy is watching two of them) you should definitely check them out. But you could also just follow him on Twitter or tumblr or Facebook.

5. Bravo Delta

If you look at none of the other guys on this list, please at least behold the glory that is Bravo Delta naked. Seriously. He’s also pretty funny and a total geek–every couple of weeks or so, I scroll through his tumblr and invariably find non-porn posts to like. Which isn’t to say his porn isn’t spectacular. Dude knows how to take a selfie.

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