I really love Ultimate Captain America.

Blogging is hard. I must have brainstormed and rejected a dozen post ideas to jump back into this before I asked myself (in frustration) why I couldn’t just write a blog post about how great Ults Cap is. I gush about him all the time in my fandom life. My husband even got me one of those nifty metal posters of him. If I love him, I should write about him, right? So I guess I’m writing about how great Ults Cap is.

He’s really great.

In fact, of every version of Captain America, the one from the 1610 timeline is my favorite. God, I love him. I love what a dick he is. I love that he plays a role, the one everyone seems to expect of him. I love how he hides his pain… mostly by being an even bigger dick. I love what an arrogant asshole he can be. And I love how he is, under it all, very clearly Steve Rogers.

I love him so much, in fact, that I’ve written a lot of fanfiction about him. And that’s where this blog post becomes relevant. I joke that my fics end up as love letters to him. The story that I’m editing right now, R&R, started out as a love letter to Ultimate Captain America. Then I realized how well the two characters as they appeared fit in with another story I’d drafted, an original, and it occurred to me that I could use this love letter and turn it into a love story.

So I did.

I’m about 6600 words into editing, and as of now the story is right around 14k long. It’s a nice length for a bedtime story. I figure, once I’m done and I’ve hammered out the details to match the other story, it should be around 15k words, and that’s not bad at all.

I only wish editing didn’t take so long.

But that’s something to address another time.

Anyway, if you’re ever inclined to watch the fangirl in me lose her shit, check out Fuck Yeah Ults Cap on tumblr. I try to keep the fangirling to a minimum, mostly because my friends have heard it all before, but sometimes… sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I really love him.

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