Sunday Inspiration: Cass Gets Her Kicks

As I’m revising Cass Gets Her Kicks, I’m poking around Route 66 inspiration and I found this Ultimate Route 66 Playlist. In this case and this case only I can safely recommend checking out the comments, because someone linked their Spotify playlist and others commented with great suggested additions. I may end up building a playlist for Cass as a character exploration exercise later this week. I don’t think I’ve ever considered what kind of music she’d play. I think in the beginning, she’d go for classics–Nat King Cole or Chuck Berry, the Beach Boys–music she thinks she’s supposed to listen to on a cross country road trip in a classic car. But I think by the time she gets to Flagstaff, she’d fill her playlists with music she likes, music that makes her feel present and delighted and reminds her of the fun she’s having. I’m not entirely sure what that will be, yet, but it’s going to be fun to explore.

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