Monthly Archives: September 2017

Sunday Inspiration: Nine Inch Nails


Tim Armstrong may be my one true love (the husband knows, it’s okay), but Trent Reznor‘s voice and lyrics do stuff to me. I listened to a lot of NIN in college. I’ve been listening to NIN a lot over the last few weeks. It’s easier to write smutty stuff with a good soundtrack, you know? It certainly doesn’t hurt that Reznor seems to have taken fashion tips from Rob Halford and George Michael.

What I’m Reading: Regolith by H. William Glenbrook


For the side project, I’m reading H. William Glenbrook’s Regolith, and so far I’ve learned a new word, was reminded of favorite sci-fi books like Stark’s War and everything Elizabeth Moon wrote, and revived an old anthology outline that can be summed up as “fairy tale lesbians in space.” So not only has it been a fun read so far (science-fiction action with a touch of horror contrasted with business intrigue, and I’m not sure how they’re going to meet in the middle but I’m excited to find out), it’s been good for me.

Sunday Inspiration: Reverse Entropy Publishing


I had the privilege and the pleasure of meeting with the group responsible for Reverse Entropy this weekend for really cool professional reasons and it’s all so incredibly exciting my friends are probably sick of hearing about it. For now, I just want to mention that they have a Facebook and, best of all you can get Regolith on Amazon.