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Sunday Inspiration: Nine Inch Nails


Tim Armstrong may be my one true love (the husband knows, it’s okay), but Trent Reznor‘s voice and lyrics do stuff to me. I listened to a lot of NIN in college. I’ve been listening to NIN a lot over the last few weeks. It’s easier to write smutty stuff with a good soundtrack, you know? It certainly doesn’t hurt that Reznor seems to have taken fashion tips from Rob Halford and George Michael.

What I’m Reading: Regolith by H. William Glenbrook


For the side project, I’m reading H. William Glenbrook’s Regolith, and so far I’ve learned a new word, was reminded of favorite sci-fi books like Stark’s War and everything Elizabeth Moon wrote, and revived an old anthology outline that can be summed up as “fairy tale lesbians in space.” So not only has it been a fun read so far (science-fiction action with a touch of horror contrasted with business intrigue, and I’m not sure how they’re going to meet in the middle but I’m excited to find out), it’s been good for me.

Sunday Inspiration: Reverse Entropy Publishing


I had the privilege and the pleasure of meeting with the group responsible for Reverse Entropy this weekend for really cool professional reasons and it’s all so incredibly exciting my friends are probably sick of hearing about it. For now, I just want to mention that they have a Facebook and, best of all you can get Regolith on Amazon.

Sunday Inspiration: Tattoos


I got two new tattoos today. I haven’t had a new one since May of 2009, so they were long due. The husband found a great artist in a great studio here in town, so I asked about having work done, too, and because what I wanted (just words) was so simple, his apprentice did them for me. I love them. In honor of them, I’m sharing the tattoo ideas search on Pinterest. I went through pages and pages of the search to decide on the final placement and get the font idea. I feel… so much better. I feel like me again. Some people get massages, I guess, and some people get tattoos.

Five: Inspiring Places (U.S. Edition)

Setting is such an important part of a story to me. A lot of times, I build whole stories from the inspiration of a setting. I think I’ve probably written entire fictional worlds based on mental or real pictures of a single place. Here are some of my favorites.

1. New Orleans


Mid- and southern Louisiana, too, but New Orleans mostly. I don’t know if it’s all the unsettling history in the still air and rising water, I don’t know if it’s the French influence, I don’t know if it’s the mélange of culture and beliefs, all I know is that for about two years in college, I didn’t write anything that wasn’t set in New Orleans or surrounding it, and most of what I read was set there, too.

2. Washington State


When I found out Twilight was set in Washington, it made perfect sense to me. Better with You (oh man that one needs an edit bad) is set in Washington, too. It’s beautiful and cool and relaxed, and the geography lends itself well to adventure. Plus, there’s an abundance of my favorite kind of house, giving my heroines cute, cozy places to live and make their lives.

3. Isolated stretches of New England coastline


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed New England every time I’ve been. One of the drafted novellas I have is getting a change of setting, and it was finding out about the lighthouses that finally flicked on the light in the dark room of my mind called How To Fix This Vexing Story.

4. Desert


Hot and dry and, at first glance, dead, the desert is a good place to keep secrets and to find history and to get lost. It’s a good place to put characters to see what happens.

5. Big Sky Country


There’s something really liberating about wide-open spaces, and Montana has them in abundance. It’s so expansive. It’s ready for small stories with a big backdrop, for cowboys and cowgirls and people looking to pretend, for isolation and character exploration.

Adventures in Job Hunting: Updates!


  • I got my first five-star rating on a sourcing job this weekend. That felt really, really good. Of course, the next job I was assigned was one I couldn’t figure out, so I had to release it, and that didn’t feel great. I love being able to read what other analysts are thinking and doing, and I especially love all the examples of five-star work available on the dashboard. I feel like I’m catching on. I think it’s reasonable to expect I could take a sourcing job 3 – 5 times a week before bed, and while that’s not a ton of money, it’s not bad, especially since the work feels so good.


  • I haven’t qualified for another test since my first one, which is pretty disheartening, but it still doesn’t seem like a bad side gig. I tried applying for TryMyUI, but my oldest decided to have a post-bedtime meltdown about five minutes into my attempt, so I had to stop and go help her, effectively failing my test. It looked pretty comparable to UserTesting for anyone else interested.


  • I failed the third part of the exam. I knew I’d failed it by the second question in the third part, so I just did my best from there, but it wasn’t enough. On the plus side, I do have the chance to re-take it, so I think I will simply because I’ve already invested several weeks into getting this side gig so I’d like to exhaust all of my chances before I give up.


  • I’ve been busy, so I haven’t done as well as I’d have liked. A lot of the HITs this week seemed way out of scope, but there have been a few fun ones, so the work I have done has been engaging and rewarding. I think it’s reasonable to assume I’ll be able to earn enough to make a minimum credit card payment, which is certainly nothing to dismiss easily.

The husband, of course, has had much better luck with Uber and Lyft. Just a few hours a night and he’s earned about $500 over the last two weeks.

Sunday Inspiration: NASA Image & Video Library


In honor of tomorrow’s total solar eclipse, today’s inspiration comes to us from NASA’s Image & Video Library. Space is terrifying and beautiful.