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Things I Love: Buying Refurbished

I am secretly a hippie. I take showers and patchouli gives me a headache, but whenever I need to make a significant purchase, especially of technology, I always search refurbished first. The prices are better, I can usually get something nicer for the price range I’m looking at, and buying refurbished keeps dangerous electronics out of landfills in third-world countries. I also believe in sharing positive customer service experiences. How else do you know who to trust?

With the school year coming up (my oldest does K12) and my new job set to start at the end of the month (I have a contingent offer!), I decided we needed a new desktop until HP repairs our All-In-One and Sitel sends me their equipment. So I checked Amazon, because 5% cash back and two day shipping, and found this seller offering refurbished professional computers. Perfect.

Except, of course, once it got here and I got it out of the box, it didn’t work. I was feeling kind of stressed before I realized that they’re literally an hour and twenty minutes away. We had some flooring to return to Lumber Liquidators, anyway, so when the email support didn’t solve my issue, I packed the computer, the flooring, and the kids into the Jeep and headed up to OKC.

I could not be happier with the customer service. It took ten minutes for Mark to run diagnostics and repair the computer. While I was there, I picked up an extra monitor, too, and now I’m all set for my new job.

If you’re shopping for a sturdy desktop for yourself or your kids, and you’re looking for a deal and Five Star customer service, check out JSM Computers in Oklahoma City and on Amazon.