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Adventures in Job Hunting: Saltier than the Dead Sea


photo by lehollaender on pixabay

That’s the Dead Sea. Isn’t it beautiful? Apparently the Don Juan Pond in Antarctica is saltier, but the Dead Sea is more popularly the salty standard. There’s a whole meme about it. I laughed.

It’s me.

Some of these companies think so highly of themselves and have such strict requirements, and that’s fine! Except, of course, when the job listing is badly-formatted and poorly written. Then I just want to email the hiring manager to ask, “May I apply to help you not look like a joke to the kind of people you’re hoping to attract?”

Then there’s the one place that emailed me after searching for my resume on CareerBuilder or Indeed, and when I responded that I was open to talking more to their hiring manager, I received an email response directing me to a series of awful, boring YouTube videos that I had to watch before I could request an interview appointment. I’d like to state just one more time: they contacted me, but I had to request an interview appointment. After watching their YouTube videos. I barely even like YouTube videos I want to watch, why the hell would I be interested in theirs?

The most frustrating has to be the insurance agent in OKC who has emailed me at least three times, has had his assistant email me, and has had an assistant call me to ask me to come interview for a manager/coordinator position. I have extremely limited management experience. It’s so limited it’s not even on my resume, and in fact I’ve only referenced it once, in an email introduction for a volunteer managing editor position for an indie publisher in Dallas. I’ve politely turned him down every time, stating “I don’t think I’m a good fit for this position.” I just got another email from him. This persistence isn’t flattering and it doesn’t make me interested in working for him.

But the thing that makes me want to start drinking is when the application has a place to upload my properly-formatted .pdf resume, and on the next screen, I have to enter all of my information in text boxes, anyway.

Why did you give me hope if it was just a lie? (See #14)